The Party of No

| 28 Sep 2021 | 03:03

    It seems that there is one function of Mitch McConnell and only one. That function is to see that his party maintains or reacquires power. The policy is to see that the opposition loses power.

    There is not much of anything else.

    It is easy to point out weaknesses of the other party in things like immigration , welfare spending and deficit spending. But what solutions does the Republican Party have?

    Under Trump, the deficit went up 7.8 trillion.

    No problem because it was their party running it up mainly with tax breaks on the wealthy.

    Immigration was handled by separation of children from parents and put into cages.

    And what improvements in inner city crime and poverty was made under the Trump administration. I guess one could cite less unemployment by blacks as a positive step - before the mishandled pandemic.

    I ask this: Does a temporary reduction in unemployment seem more important than the intense scratching at the fabric of our democracy by leaning toward an authoritarian White House? Staff and department heads swearing an oath of loyalty - not to the Constitution but to the “supreme leader.”

    Blind obedience to one lie after another?

    Polls show people in favor of reduced education costs ( community college) reduced costs to raise a child while two parents work (free child care and maternity leave) an increase of coverage under Medicare ( dental and hearing).

    And people also favor taxing those earning over 400K/year at an increased rate.

    And huge corporations paying their fare share.

    That is not Marxism. Private ownership persists and is not taken over by government. It seems like the only prominent politician who can be conservative yet has a moral spine is Liz Cheney. She is for gun rights, anti-abortion but has come around in the matter of same sex marriage.

    And she recognizes an insurrection when others try to downplay it.

    And she is ostracized by her party while people like Jim Jordan, Rick Scott and the bizarre MTG and Boebert are given a pass.

    I have voted Republican in the past but do not recognize the present party.

    Come on. Present a policy platform that benefits this country. Something other than wanting to suppress that which the majority of people want.

    Gerard Freisinger