Talking a good game, but do the words ring true?

17 Feb 2020 | 05:11

    I must say I was fascinated by the letter written by Stephen Kitar announcing his candidacy for the Warwick Village Board.

    From what he said, he was motivated in part by the need to bring “revenue-generating developments” into Warwick, which he says are “stifled by the rigid and antiquated restrictions placed on them by the local governing body.”

    What restrictions might those be?


    Protections of Warwick’s historic heritage and architecture that is in large part what makes our Queen Village a tourist mecca and enables our thriving Main Street?

    Mr. Kitar goes on to say: “The only way for Warwick to continue to prosper ... is through the union of progression, creativity, and historic remembrance.”

    Well, that certainly sounds good ... until one realizes that Mr. Kitar is the developer proposing to build a 110-unit hotel complex that would butt up against Pulpit Rock, changing forever the scenic and historic nature of the West Street entrance into the Village.

    Mind you, this is proposed on property zoned residential and Mr. Kitar must seek a special use permit for his hotel. Is that what Mr. Kitar defines as a “union of progression, creativity, and historic remembrance”?


    If so, Mr. Kitar would be a dangerous choice for our Village Board. He talks a good game, but his words don’t ring true in practice.

    Mr. Kitar also endorses Mark O’Mahoney for Village Board. I’ve never heard of him, but if, as he says, they share “values and platform,” I’m glad I got the heads up.

    I won’t vote for him either.

    Stephen Gross