Stephen Kitar 'is a true asset to our community'

12 Mar 2020 | 10:28

    I’m writing to share my support for Village Trustee candidate, Stephen Kitar. Stephen is a builder by trade with many successful projects under his belt, but it is his ties and commitment to the Warwick community that most resonate.

    As a local businessman and property owner, Stephen has chosen projects carefully by identifying a need in our community and filling it. He does it without making loud statements, and back in 2005 he simply answered community call, stepped in, and gave our neighborhood much needed grocery store, in the midst of Grand Union collapse. And not just any store, Spring Street Market has been a pride of our village for all its years in operation. It participated in food shows, had won multiple awards and has been featured in local and regional periodicals. It set new standards, making other stores, including big box supermarkets, to compete and provide new and better quality and value products to Warwick residents. Everything Stephen has done in the Village has been done right and in good taste. He is a true asset to our community.

    I’d like nothing more than to see Stephen take his extensive experience, and his love for the community and apply it to the role of Village of Warwick Trustee.

    Thank you.

    Nancy Maltell