Proposed townhouse development raises water, flood, sewer, traffic concerns

| 09 Feb 2021 | 01:58

    I am wondering if the folks owning property or living on South Street Extension, Southern Lane, Kenilworth Lane, Country Lane, etc., are aware of the 180-bedroom, 90-unit townhouse development being discussed at planning board meetings.

    The land above the Warwick Village Condos between Brady Road and Ridgefield was in the original 1986 Warwick Meadows/Village plans as Phase 4.

    Over the years it has been bought and sold to various developers who intended to build but never did.

    There is a developer who has filed plans to build as soon as they are given the green light.

    There have been several meetings with the Village Planning Board in the past several months.

    The developer has attested that since this is Phase IV of the project, all of the approvals of the Planning Board from 1986, updated in 2012 should apply to this project. They do not believe there has been significant changes to traffic, water, sewer or the environment.

    Although they are attesting to being Phase IV for this purpose, they refer to the project at Warwick Commons Stage 5.

    Those of us who live in the area know very well the amount of flooding, traffic, sewer and water pressure issues we all share. The traffic alone will cause significant decay to our already decaying roads, adding more cars to Ball Road, where it is often dangerous to take a walk.

    The plans call for garages to house up to 98 cars and 275 additional outdoor parking spaces.

    The folks living in Ridgefield have asked and been granted a gate to cut off access to Ridgefield Road. That leaves Brady Road for all of the traffic.

    Please show up at the next public Planning Board Meeting if you have any concerns. Zoom meetings allow everyone a chance to participate. We should not be kept out of the process due to in-person limitations.

    Nancy Bowden