Opposes Chester’s land lease agreement to build a telecommunications tower in Sugar Loaf

| 17 Aug 2021 | 01:52

    I am opposed to the Town of Chester Board’s land lease agreement to build a telecommunications tower at the end of Fox Hill Road in Sugar Loaf.

    The proposed construction of a cell tower is much too close to this residential community.

    There are many health studies showing the dangers of prolonged microwave exposure.

    A typical cell tower has many antennas for the different carriers. This co-location creates clusters of antennas, each emitting a continuous 24/7 stream of microwave radio frequencies which expose nearby residents and their children to whole body radiation exposure.

    And it’s proven that prolonged microwave radiation exposure causes cancer.

    As a grandfather whose grandchildren play on Fox Hill Road with other children, I find it incomprehensible that the Chester Board would even consider such a proposal that would put the Fox Hill and Creamery Pond Road’s residents in such danger.

    Robert Campbell