‘No results found’

| 15 Mar 2021 | 04:24

    We read with interest the advertisement allegedly paid for by a group calling itself “Warwick Parents for Common Sense.”

    When we tried to contact the group, using the the information in the ad, our search resulted in “no results found.”

    The ad itself is simply a rehash of right wing talking points that have been circulated for two years. (See for example The Washington Examiner, 2/9/2019, and Epoch Times, 8/6/2019).

    The talking points are a part of a concerted effort to discredit New York’s CRS program.

    It is important that Warwick residents realize that the ad has little to do with specific events in our community.

    It reads like a fill-in-the-blank piece where the name of the town and the local superintendent could be replaced arbitrarily with that of any other community in New York State.

    As residents of Warwick for 45 years, we hope that our community will continue to work together and not be damaged by this provocative attempt to divide our town.

    Richard Linkh