Mary Collura: ‘It’s an extra step to vote for me, but I will continue to take the extra step for you’

01 Sep 2020 | 12:42

    I am writing to ask village registered voters to write my name in for Village Trustee on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

    This campaign has been incredibly challenging. I am no stranger to challenges and I’ve learned to take them as an opportunity to show my true nature and my strength.

    I am running independently and on my own merit. I have no agenda or ulterior motives.

    For this reason I’ve been able to completely be myself, share my own words, my own experiences and let my love for my home lead the way.

    I have had an overwhelming amount of support. My supporters are a very diverse group of individuals some of who may stand on opposite sides of issues. This, to me, has been the best outcome: to be able to bring people together.

    During the Village’s Sesquicentennial in 2017 we successfully unified our village past the things that can divide us. It was something I took away from that experience and continue to work hard towards.

    When we allow ourselves to be our true selves, we attract the best in people. We are better together.

    If elected, I vow to keep up this level of intent, integrity and honesty. I will balance out the Village Board.

    I will keep in touch with neighboring Villages and town to strengthen our relationships so we can continue to share information, services and advice.

    I will bring creative solutions to the table.

    I will be mindful of the threat of development and re-development.

    I will ensure the lines of communication are open.

    I will be approachable, I will be honest and I will be out there.

    It’s an extra step to vote for me, but I will continue to take the extra step for you.

    Mary Collura