Make it easy to come to downtown Warwick

27 Jun 2019 | 08:35

    Unlimited growth in the Village of Warwick is unrealistic and unsustainable.
    Water and sewer infrastructure upgrades are outpacing tax receipts while local commerce, government and zoning encourage us to trot in a tax squirrel cage for short term merchant gain at residents’ expense.
    We need to take a breath and have a sane look around at what our village really needs.
    We can’t continue to cannibalize quiet old neighborhoods that make our community a sweet spot in Orange County. We can, however, work to maximize and cultivate what already exists.
    It’s clear to everyone that there is nowhere in the village for visitors or residents to park.
    The multiple reserved parking spots at village hall testify to this.
    A best way to thrive in the upcoming rush of visitors to Orange County is to be the destination with accessible parking close to downtown. Make it easy to come here.
    The residents surrounding 16 Elm have fought hard to protect the peaceful enjoyment of their homes since 1990.
    We had a good neighbor in the car storage lots with woods as a buffer.
    Now the buffer of woods mandated to protect our homes has been clear cut.
    Everyone can see the glaring eyesore of a hopelessly stalled project in the neighbor’s backyards. It’s appalling and flies in the face of how residents and visitors think of Warwick.
    Now would be the time for the village to come to their senses and take advantage of the strategic location and economic opportunity that this location offers to benefit the entire community.
    Parking with solar canopies provides two sustainable income streams for the village and drives down long-term expenses while supporting local merchants with the least impact on neighbors.
    Bring back our good neighbor.
    Don’t say it can’t be done.
    Let’s get together as a community and make it easy to visit and do business in downtown Warwick.
    Patrick Gallagher