Just because?

| 27 Sep 2021 | 07:49

    Regarding the new candidates for Warwick Town Board: One of these candidates presumes to unseat incumbent board members just because of their political affiliation.

    This person makes no mention of the incumbent’s specific plans or policies, nor does he provide detail for any of his own ideas to effect real change.

    The only substance offered is the promise of representing all Warwick residents. Ironically, he goes on to segment the town he claims to want to uniformly represent by dividing us into groups of race, sexual orientation and gender.

    Warwick residents are already fairly represented and not requested to participate based on their identity.

    Though, if there are disgruntled residents with specific cases of injustice, let him or her speak for themselves and allow the town to assess for spot adjustments.

    A few, representing no one, should not seek to drive baseless, excessive, overcorrections.

    It is these kinds of uninspired and empty ideologies that offer nothing of value and result in real harm to an otherwise warm and stable community.

    He goes on to support implementing race theory in our schools, adamantly refuted by other residents, presumably due to their fear of Marxism and its proven negative effect on life around the world. Their sentiment should be applauded because they seek to protect our Warwick youth from being taught to judge one another by earnings or skin color.

    No, tossing a picture of three, dark skinned children on a webpage and asking for a vote is not a campaign.

    We need people with real solutions for this town with a proud American history.

    Concerns to address:

    Insulation of our Emergency Services and Corrections from policies like defunding and bail reform, which have led to increased crime and decreased safety elsewhere.

    Assisting our WCVSD Teachers as they help prepare our children for the bright future ahead. The school environment is an integral part of minimizing effects from the isolation children have suffered through. Horrible truth is that many American youth are suffering, and they made need real help. Keep destructive drugs out of the Community.

    Supporting fantastic businesses like C & D Bagels, Warwick Drive in, Kids Clubhouse, Scenic Farms Golf, Café a la Mode, Fit Body Boot Camp, Edenville Store and on and on, to ensure continued high traffic as stagflation grips the country.

    Maintaining trust and accountability in the Warwick voting system.

    Helping residents and their families if they are fired from their jobs for not taking the new vaccine - choice.

    Aiding those Parents preparing to shift to homeschooling if a state coronavirus vaccine mandate is levied in schools. Their children, their choice.

    Improving turnout at our town parades celebrating our American history.

    Keep voting.


    Tim White