In support of the Pulpit Rock Inn development

12 Oct 2020 | 06:42

    I’m not a native-born Warwickian, but I and my family have been putting down roots here for nearly 60 years.

    My parents purchased a home here in 1962; my brother and his wife built a house here and raised three daughters.

    So I think this qualifies me and my family as “almost natives.”

    I have a great deal of care for our wonderful Warwick. I’ve been reading in The Advertiser and listening on WTBQ to the back and forth about the development of the land at the corner of West Street and County 1 known as “Pulpit Rock” with a great deal of interest.

    I’ve seen our community grow and blossom into an “almost” destination for tourists who are drawn to our beautiful village with wonderful shops, restaurants, agricultural abundance and the quality of life that Warwick has to offer.

    It seems to me the one thing we are missing to make our community stand out as a place where people would like to visit for a few days is first-rate overnight accommodations.

    With all due respect to the Warwick Motel, the town needs more rooms for guests.

    It seems to me that Mr. Kitar’s proposal is a sound and well-reasoned one. He would respect the land which a few think has historical significance while suggesting a beautiful and welcoming addition to our community.

    I support his plan to bring additional revenue to our local businesses by providing much-needed accommodations.

    John Van Tuyl