‘I ... vote according to reality and accomplishment’

| 12 Oct 2021 | 01:14

    I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican and vote according to reality and accomplishment.

    There is no reason to “change” what has worked so well for Warwick.

    The reality is that the current Town Board has done a terrific job in making Warwick the best place to live in Orange County. Their accomplishments are many: they have kept taxes low, brought businesses and jobs into Warwick, preserved farm land, made investments in parks and recreation which benefit all town residents and have plans for even more good things in the future.

    It’s no wonder that Warwick is the envy of every other town in our county.

    On Nov. 2, I urge all voters to vote for Floyd DeAngelo, Kevin Schuback, Eileen Astorino, Brenda Faulls, Judge Peter Barlett and the rest of Row “C” candidates.

    I also urge voters to vote “no” on all three ballot questions, which would help protect the integrity of our elections.

    Pat Murphy

    Greenwood Lake