'I believe in forgiveness and compassion but this law takes neither into consideration'

Albany /
08 Mar 2020 | 07:32

    I always love Friday nights reading The Warwick Advertiser - the happenings in our fair town, accomplishments of our youth, goings on of our local non-profits working tirelessly for all.

    This week was extra special: Our local “people’s representative" - Senator Jen Metzger - took the time to educate all of us “citizens” (you know, the ones who pay her salary) about her efforts on a “do over" on one of the most ill-conceived, poorly researched and outrageous pieces of legislation to come out of Albany: Bail reform.

    We all know it as the priceless gem that puts violent felons, i.e. pedophiles, domestic abusers, hate filed anti-Semitic assaulters, on the street.

    Thanks, Jen.

    Oh but wait. I have it all wrong. It’s not her fault. It was lumped in the budget; that’s how things are done

    She will work to undo this, and, and, she secured funding in the budget for children, health care, veterans, seniors ... blah, blah, blah.

    OK. Real pretty, almost plausible. Truth is that Senator Metzger was a sponsor of the original bill ... couldn’t get it passed so she buried it in the budget and, when this went south, said “ it’s not my fault."

    The endless class warfare waged with the “people with money get out of jail and poor people don’t" misses the primary point.

    If you don’t commit a crime, bail isn’t an issue.

    I don’t know about you, but when I get up every day to go to work, I don’t worry about having money for bail. That's probably because I’m focused on following the law, putting my kids through college, paying my mortgage, taxes etc.

    I know some folks don’t have what I have. Perhaps working on being a productive citizen over a criminal might actually reap something constructive.

    The people in government we deserve (they do work for us, right?) are people who carefully and honestly assess needs, look before they leap and honor the position they have by serving all of us and putting the needs of honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizens over people who, by their own choice, broke the law.

    I believe in forgiveness and compassion but this law takes neither into consideration. It marginalizes and endangers honest folks and emboldens the worst of society to wreak havoc with impunity

    An abject disgrace.

    Jim Mehling