I am most grateful

Jan 10 2017 | 06:13 AM

    I was hustling along Main Street last Thursday night just before 8 p.m., coming from Vastu and heading to my car, which was parked up by CVS. Not too many people were out on this chilly night and I walked, as I usually do, at a quick clip, back to my car.
    Shortly after I got home, my house phone rang. The woman introduced herself as Peggy from Yesterday's. She said someone walking along Main Street found my debit card and, since it was in front of Yesterday's, thought I might have dropped it coming out. She told me to stop in whenever was convenient, that it would be safe with her.
    Surprised, because I had no idea I had dropped the card, I thanked her, probably a little too much, and we hung up.
    I hopped back in my car and took the four-minute ride back to the village and ran into Yesterday's where Peggy was working.
    After I thanked her yet again, she explained that it was tough to find me since, she found out, I was not on Facebook. But her inner detective took over and she did locate my number.
    I am beyond grateful to the person who found my card and brought it in to Yesterday's. Thank you so very much!
    And to Peggy, I am so thankful that you took the time to find me and for your assurance that my card was safe with you. I would have been frantic for sure when I discovered it was missing.
    Warwick is an incredible community, a truly wonderful place to live. I've known that for more than 28 years now. People care. And I am most grateful.
    Linda Smith-Hancharick