Greg Hoover 'is not a politician and is beholding to no political party'

20 Jun 2019 | 03:06

    I strongly support Greg Hoover for Judge of the Warwick Town Justice Court.
    Electing our judges is an extremely poor way to select one. The problem with the court system in New York is that we elect our judges based upon political party endorsements and not proven competence.
    Because there is no pre-qualifying exam, expert peer review or legal panel organized to evaluate a potential judge's qualifications, the voters are for the most part ignorant of the competence of the candidates on the ballot.
    A judge needs to be politically independent and expert in the law controlling the controversy being adjudicated.
    A judge that is beholding to the political party that endorsed him or her is a poor substitute for proven competence.
    I have represented clients in many state and federal courts in my 40 years of practice and have known Greg Hoover in a professional capacity for more than 20 years.
    Greg is not a politician and is beholding to no political party.
    Greg is an expert in criminal law and is the only candidate running that has actually tried hundreds of criminal cases.
    If we are compelled to elect our judges, I suggest that you seek the endorsement from the attorneys that practice in that court and not their political party.
    Paul S. Shoock