Fundraiser to help Mary Lee Farris and John Redman after fire

26 Feb 2020 | 06:00

Just before Valentine's Day an electrical fire burned through a third of their home. Mary Lee is a devoted voice and piano teacher who has accompanied students at my recitals for years. Her baby grand piano as well as a lifetime collection of music was destroyed in the fire. Her cat was killed and all of their clothes were in that part of the house as well. I realize that insurance will cover the damage to the house, but I would like to help them with whatever they need immediately as well as with whatever insurance may not cover. They are both self-employed and relying on friends until they can find a temporary place to live. Please give what you can. John is a very community involved person and both he and Mary Lee have been through some tough challenges in recent years even before the fire and continue to struggle with personal challenges in addition to the fire. Please give what you can to help good people make it through a difficult time. Thank you!

Vicki Botta


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