Corey Bachman 'is surely the best candidate for Warwick Village trustee'

10 Feb 2020 | 05:01

    Corey Bachman, a candidate for Warwick Village trustee, has only lived in the village for the past three years, yet has already made a difference in Warwick.

    He is a volunteer for the Warwick Lions Club, The Town of Warwick Historical Society's Publicity Committee, The Friendly Visitor Program and Sustainable Warwick.

    He is also supportive of the efforts to protect the Pulpit Rock property from frivolous development.

    All this in only three years.

    Corey holds a bachelor's degree in communications and journalism from the University of Florida. He worked for NBC as a television reporter and before that had stints in radio and television reporting at ABC, PBS, NPR and CBS Sports stations in the state of Florida, then moved to Brooklyn to do public relations for a labor union in the financial district.

    Add Corey’s background in digital marketing, which includes websites, social media, e-mail marketing, etc., to his genuine love of and his commitment to Warwick and he is surely the best candidate for Warwick Village trustee.

    I urge you to join me in voting for Corey Bachman in the March 18th Warwick Village election.

    Charlene Hirschberg