Are we ready to prepare for a future based in science?

13 Apr 2020 | 03:32

Critical global imperatives like pandemics and climate change will continue to impact our future. Both affect our health, safety, and economics. How do we know? The straightforward answer to this is science. We have started taking the science for the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and putting it into action. Told that it was coming yet unprepared, at what cost did we finally stop denying and believe the science in order to take action?

Climate scientists from all around the world have been advising us for years to mitigate our fossil fuel derived emissions and to prepare for the consequences of a warming planet. Many of us have suffered though consequential hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, drought and the like. Yet now EPA science-based regulations that can help mitigate climate change are now being rolled back. Can we believe health scientists and climate scientists since both rely on similar methodology and statistical analysis?

Let’s start taking science seriously beforehand and press Congress to make sure that the bulk of tax payer dollars are used at home for science-based policies that protect our health, safety and economy. Whether it is a pandemic or climate change event, let’s listen to the science and act now for the next time.

Christine Dunbar