An old Spanish proverb for these times

| 13 Mar 2020 | 03:06

    Man proposes, God disposes. An old Spanish proverb.

    Looking at our planet, it seems our species has some work to do, including quite a bit of rethinking. Every ad seeking our money tells us that the next thing we buy will make one powerful and completely in charge of one`s destiny.

    The coronavirus must be laughing up its "sleeve" at our hubris. Perhaps we should find Elizabethan coins to carry in our mouths, the way they did to avoid the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. We seem to be right back there in terms of controlling our destinies.

    Once again Humanity is caught up the creek without a paddle in sight. Hopefully, by now, we all know what we have done to the livability questions of our globe, oceans, land, water, air, etcetera.

    Speaking of which.....

    Mandatory shopping with reusable bags is a step in the right direction, but only deals with the consumers, the usual suspects, and as always fails to mention the manufacturers of plastic bags. As long as they are made, they will be used and we will get nowhere with ocean cleanup.

    Also, a fact not often mentioned, the dumps and therefore the trash pick-up services will not accept garbage unless it is enclosed in plastic bags. We are involved in placing band aids on gangrene infections. The government with the assistance of the retail businesses need to get up on their hind legs and address the real problems and without protecting the bottom line and the vote.

    One truly disheartening note: With our current spreading plague, the loudest weeping seems to be over the economy, the ever-lovin` money question in our country and not the terrible misery of illness, loss of loved ones and all the suffering caused by untimely death. Perhaps the virus will have served one good purpose if it causes us to take a good look at ourselves and our values.

    With great sorrow,

    Elaine Knight