‘A library is a great resource for research’

18 Dec 2020 | 01:29

    This is a response to Anthony Vitiello’s complaint about Albert Wisner library:

    Before you accuse people of doing something you should get your facts straight.

    Warwick in not the only library open in the RCLS System. Almost every library is open for limited numbers of patrons.

    I know this because I work in one of those open libraries.

    We are taking every precaution for both patrons and employees. Most libraries are operating with reduced staff so the number of people in the building at any one time is reduced to ensure the safety of all.

    Attend one of your libraries virtual board meetings and ask your baseless, factless questions there.

    Every library in RCLS has a website you can access and you will see that with a few occasional closings every one of them in the system is open to the public.

    Facts are important - do your research. A library is a great resource for research.

    Debbie Raif

    Greenwood Lake