'A clarion call'

11 Sep 2019 | 03:37

    Sacred monuments, like Pulpit Rock located on West Street, are part of the rich fabric that makes our town vibrant, attractive and worthy of preservation and celebration.

    In a world of strip malls, motels and big box stores, natural sites like these are a draw to why many choose to lay down roots in Warwick and why some never leave.

    But with a pending proposal to alter the landscape around this piece of the past, how will our children and our children's children be able to view this magnificent megalith? What would this teach about the value of history? Will we be teaching our children to value construction and expansion over nature and heritage?

    Historical sites are best when viewed in the open, as a lure to out-of-towners, history buffs and educational tours. Making a tangible connection to history is more important and meaningful than viewing it from the window of "a new concept in hospitality."

    As a candidate for Warwick Town Council, I strongly support the economic growth and development of our town. However, I am concerned the intended project at this location could have negative implications for generations to come.

    Although I hope this letter serves as a step, as a clarion call for the safeguarding of this historic monument, it in no way can account for the power of a community who stands together: organized, informed and engaged.

    I ask you, urge you, to stand alongside me to speak out and protect the integrity of our town that we all value and cherish so much.

    Corey Bachman