'A caring and considerate new veterinarian'

06 Aug 2019 | 08:03

    A few years ago I sat in the waiting room of my veterinarian listening in on a very private conversation through paper thin walls as they questioned a grieving man how he would pay his bills.

    Through the walls I could hear his pet had been hit by a car, and in his haste to get his dying beloved family member to the doctor he did what most of us would do he just got in the car and drove, forgetting his wallet at home.

    I could tell this pet was a patient of this clinic.

    I could tell this man felt like he was in a desperate situation.

    I am not sure what plan B would have been.

    After I paid that man’s bill so he could go home and tell his family, I decided if those veterinarians ever made me feel as if my pet or I wasn’t important enough to allow me to pay them in the morning, I needed to find another veterinarian.

    A few months ago my beloved black lab, KC, became very lame. Our veterinarian blamed it on age, arthritis, even a torn ACL.

    They prescribed medication that didn’t help.

    We received referrals that just proved diagnosis were wrong.

    We spent thousands of dollars on doctors visits and medications that weren’t needed.

    In November I remember the promise I made to myself and decided it was time to find a new veterinarian.

    They say timing is everything. Right around the time I decided enough was enough, Country Willow Veterinary Hospital began accepting new patients. Our first visit with Dr. Sarah and staff changed our lives!

    We learned what a kind, caring and compassionate veterinarian was. KC was also diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and need immediate surgery. A surgery he probably should’ve had months ago.

    Recently as we sat with KC during his final moments, the staff at Country Willow understood our pain. There were quiet moments with a gentle understanding of how difficult the situation was.

    After our final goodbyes were said, the staff embraced us and shared in our sorrow. They, too, had lost a friend.

    I highly recommend Country Willow Animal Hospital for any pet owner looking for a kind, compassionate, caring, smart, cutting edge veterinarian with a great staff.

    Lori Mosher