11,000,000 plastic bags = 240 benches

| 04 Aug 2019 | 06:15

Try I may,

Try I might,

My pile of plastic

Grows out of sight .

Many thanks to the Lion’s Club for sponsoring the recycling program that turns plastic bags into benches for our community. Despite making best efforts to avoid acquiring new plastic in our home, we still accumulate lots and lots.

So we greatly appreciate the Lion’s Club and the local merchants who manage that program.

But let’s look at this recycling opportunity in perspective: If we collected each and every one of the estimated 11,000,000 plastic carryout bags the citizens of Warwick use annually, how many benches would we have? '

Different size bags weigh different amounts, but I believe a conservative estimate is 240 benches per year - and that doesn’t even include benches from all the other kinds of plastic films the Lions Club will accept (like produce bags and newspaper sleeves).

This is why I also thank our state government for banning plastic carry-out bags effective March 1 of 2020.

It is important for us to up our game with recycling. At the same time, anyone who gets in the way of reducing the tonnage of plastic produced really ought to be benched.


Michael Helme