Warwick Anthology Project stories enjoy good turnout at Albert Wisner Library

03 Aug 2019 | 09:02

Mayor Michael Newhard reminded the audience how our stories connect the community. And Donna Haley, creator of the Warwick Anthology Project program, recognized the amazing group of regular Warwickians who joined together to create a Warwick Ensemble of love, humor and lasting resonance.

On Saturday evening, July 27, more than 100 guests, enjoying a gentle breeze on the hill and patio behind the Albert Wisner Public Library, heard 30 Warwick locals share their short story of hometown moments past.

There was Mayor Newhard at 12 with his club of boys exploring the seven room caves.

And Sue Gardner telling of the "keepers" of our history as well as Meridyth Duke bicycling to get fresh milk from Lydia's barn.

There was also Cheryl Rogowski's story of Hurricane Irene, the tragic affect it had on the Black Dirt area and how the community joined to help.

There were many more as each of the 30 speakers shared their short stories about a memorable moment in Warwick.

The program was filmed by Lionel and Frank Wolf and will be available through the Albert Wisner Library, the projects supporter and partner.

A transcript of the stories will also be available.

The Anthology Art Show also continues on the main floor of the Library through October.

All art is conceived and themed in Warwick. It features two artists in residence, Elliot Belokostolsky and Peter Liepke, as well as 40 local watercolors by artists of the Warwick Actor Training School.