Warwick Warwick Sports Camp Kicks Off this Summer

13 Jun 2019 | 03:13

Warwick Valley Athletics is hosting its first annual multi-sports camp July 8-12 from 9 a.m. to noon each day.
Any students in the Town of Warwick, grades 3-7 this upcoming school year, are eligible.
Camp will cost $100 per student.
The summer camp has been designed by Phil Szumlaski (varsity wrestling and golf coach), Michael Potter (varsity track and field) and Greg Sirico (Warwick Valley Athletic Director and football coach).
The goal of “Purple Champions Sports Camp” is to expose children to a large variety of sports in one week.
Purple Champions Sports Camp will provide a well-rounded experience combining learning and fun, to build fond memories that will last a lifetime.
Look on the community e-bulletin (WVCSD website) for details.
Contact Greg Sirico at 987-3050 ext. 12880 or gsirico@wvcsd.org for additional information.