‘This year’s team has the potential to be a contender’

Warwick. Among the goals for the Girls Varsity Volleyball team are for the team to have fun, compete hard and play smart.

| 13 Sep 2021 | 01:49

In many respects, the Warwick Valley High School girls volleyball program is well prepared to take to the court this fall.

The Wildcats fully understand that the challenges both from their opponents during matches as well as those caused by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic are going to be ever present.

Bu they are practicing with vigor and they’re taking the proper precautions in regards to the pandemic to help assure that they have their most successful season possible.

Warwick Valley is scheduled to host Kingston on Monday, Sept. 27.

The key players

“As a lover of sports for our youth, I am optimistic that we can create a great year of youth sports approaching this COVID-19 pandemic with understanding and intelligence,’’ Warwick Valley Head Coach Shawn Thomas said. “We will wear our masks during practices and matches. I will continue to communicate with the players and students the importance of being careful within the environments they include themselves and just remain vigilant during these times. We will adhere to the guidelines that Section 9 provides.’’

Sara Davis (senior, setter) and Fiona Egan (junior, middle blocker) are among the top returning student athletes for the Wildcats this year, according to coach Thomas.

The coach cited Jen Mosier (junior, middle blocker), Amanda Wentworth (junior, defensive specialist), Abigail Tobin (junior, right side hitter) and Jillian Ferris (junior, setter) as being among the promising newcomers to the varsity level this season.

“The leaders of this year’s team to this point are Sara Davis, Lindsay Evans, Grace Hennessey, Savanna DeLucia and Julia Sirico,’’ Thomas said. “I’m hoping their experience and understanding to bring and keep the team together will help make this a special season.

This group can be ‘a tough team to beat’

“Some of the goals for the season is for the team to have fun, compete hard and play smart. If we can do that consistently, we will a tough team to beat. We hope to make Sectionals first and advance as far as we can in the Playoff Tournament.’’

“I believe this year’s team has the potential to be a contender,’’ Thomas said. “It may take a little time for team to understand a different coaching philosophy, but when we do, we will be a contender.

“I do not underestimate any team or take any coach for granted,” the coach added. “Every team on the schedule is a threat to our team goals and we will be prepared to approach each match with that mindset.’’