Florida. Orange County Sports Club Coach AlanHatch recognized at Wendy Hillard's gymnastics competition

Florida. Orange County Sports Club Coach Alan Hatch recognized at Wendy Hillard‘s gymnastics competition.

02 Mar 2020 | 01:08

February is known as Black history month and the girls at Orange County Sports Club who compete for sports fitness and fun had the experience of a lifetime.

Not only did they win every team and all-around titles, they got to see their coach recognized as being the first African-American male coach to go to the Olympics and bring home metals.

Coach Alan Hatch is known for working with a 2004 Olympian Annia Hatch. Hatch trained Annia and was able to coach her to Olympic glory. Hatch was recognized for his efforts at the Harlem invitational hosted by another Olympic legend Wendy Hillard, the first African-American rhythmic gymnast to metal at the Olympics.

This was a great experience for the girls to work with and meet another Olympic legend who has made history for the United States.

Congratulations the following gymnasts for being All Around Titles: Stephanie Kwong, Kennedy Fisher, Isabella Kuzicki, Ava Cruise and Emily Walsh.