Who’s on First?

| 26 Jan 2016 | 03:49

— Have you ever been to the town park and had to figure out what field your team is playing on? Perhaps you needed to find your child or grandchild’s game.

Until recently the only way to do this was to roam from field to field, or try and identify your team by the uniform color, team member, or the coach, if you know them.

Thanks to Brandon Calabrese of Boy Scout Troop 38, Warwick, and his Eagle project, navigating the fields at the park are as simple as field A-1, A-2, A-3. His project required planning, designing, project funding, and installation of the field marker signs for the Warwick Town Park soccer fields located on Union Corners Road in Warwick.

Not only helping our Warwick families, but many visiting teams and families will no longer have to stumble around looking for The correct field. Brandon himself has played soccer on these fields since he was in the fifth grade. The first day of each new season was especially rough, but games and practices alike were filled with confusion. You were told what field to go to, but without signs no one knew how to find their team.

With help from some other troop members, Brandon’s Father, and a friend, the ambitious task took many hours from conception to completion. Brandon worked closely with the town park supervisor, Bill Roe, and had to present the details of his project before the Warwick Town Board as well as the Hudson Valley Boy Scout Council.

Brandon is a senior at Warwick Valley High School where he is currently taking AP/college level courses, and computer science at C-Tec. He is a member of the National Tech Honor Society and Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In addition to these achievements, Brandon has created a successful YouTube channel and is a YouTube Partner under the screen name ThirtyVirus. The channel entertains users with tutorials and let’s plays for video games such as Minecraft. His channel is ranked in the top 100,000 YouTube channels worldwide, with a total subscriber base of 22,000 and over 4 million views.

His Eagle Scout rank will be recognized at an Eagle Scout Court of Honors ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 27, at St. Stephen Church along with 10 others Eagle Scout candidates from troop 38.