Warwick. Quarantine Senior Chair online auction runs through June 5

20 May 2020 | 10:13

This year's annual “Chair Auction” at Warwick Valley High School will be one that is different from other years.

This year, it will be a completely online auction selling the seniors chairs. The chair auction benefits the scholarship fund for WVHS seniors who plan to pursue art in college.

For this event, students have taken an ordinary chair, and over the course of several months, transformed it into a work of art.

The chairs are auctioned off to the public with 100 percent of the proceeds going to participating graduating seniors in the form of scholarships.

The chairs are painted in a style of an art movement, technique or a particular artist. This year was met with new obstacles for these students since they have been home since March 13th. They had to complete these chairs on their own without the direct one-on-one help of the Warwick Art Department.

Kristen Spano's Portfolio class had to rely on communication via email and Google Meets to get the help that was needed.

This particular auction will only be the seniors selling their chairs as the juniors elected to wait til the next school year.

You can go to our chair auction website to see this year’s chairs and bid at warwickartauction.weebly.com/) or check them out on facebook.com/WarwickHSChairAuction.