Warwick. Art instructor offers St. Stephen’s students an opportunity to use art to interpret St. Michael protecting their school

29 Jul 2020 | 12:43

Parents with children attending St. Stephen – St. Edward School in Warwick are upset with the recent Archdiocese decision to merge their school along with Sacred Heart in Monroe with St. John School on its campus in Goshen.

In circumstances like this the faithful often seek the intercession of St. Michael, the archangel recognized in many major faiths as a protector and defender.

Earlier this month, Jeff Benoit, the owner of Pura Vida Art & Training in Warwick, hosted an event, open to the public, at Warwick Veterans Memorial Park.

Benoit, who also is an art teacher at St Stephens, provided all the supplies. Participants were also encouraged to bring a clipboard or something to lean on while they draw

And as a group, he gave a demonstration on how to draw Saint Michael.

The art lesson was a simple face drawing and then the children were invited to make their own interpretation of the angel protecting the school

- Roger Gavan.

PICS – 4 photos by Julia Chiarot