Warwick. A true Community Garden

07 Sep 2020 | 01:26

The Warwick Community Garden was started in 2010 and, for 10 years, provided wonderful fresh vegetables for its members.

When pre-season planning began for the 2020 season, however, the members realized that with the COVID pandemic looming, there was an opportunity, perhaps a necessity, to do things differently.

The decision was made to plant mainly a few things like tomatoes, peppers and green beans, things that produced abundant and could be easily shared and then to make regular deliveries to the Warwick Food Pantry.

“This sharing with the Warwick Food Pantry, seems to us like the right thing at the right time, a collaboration between two organizations focusing on the Warwick Community and its needs,” says Sara Werling, one of the Garden organizers. “And the fact that the Garden is located on the grounds of the Warwick Valley Community Center means that a third community-focused group is involved, a true three-way partnership.”