Pine Island onion-eating contest set for Sept. 1

PINE ISLAND. Registration is limited to 12 contestants.

04 Aug 2019 | 06:20

The Pine Island Chamber of Commerce will hold its 12th annual Onion Eating Contest on Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Polish Legion of American Veterans Pavilion at 4 p.m.

This will be held in cooperation with the annual Onion Festival featuring 18-time Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra featuring the Pokolenie Dancers.

The winner will receive a check for $100 from the Orange County Vegetable Growers Association and a plaque sponsored by the Orange County Farm Bureau.

According to Russ Kowal, the onions used for the contest are locally grown, although no particular variety. Each one weighs eight ounces; they are prepared by the Quaker Creek Store on Pulaski Highway.

Registration is limited to 12 contestants.

Pre-registration is required. The contest is in celebration of Pine Island's 3,000 acres of hearty onions that are famous throughout America.

Contestants can register by calling Janet Zimmerman at 258-7008 or any chamber officer.

For advance tickets to the annual Onion Festival, call 1-800-724-0727.