Montgomery. Orange County celebrates veterans and first responders with fireworks salute

| 26 Jul 2021 | 07:24

Freedom Fest, a county wide salute to veterans and first responders, took place on the grassy hills of Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery on Friday evening, July 23.

Hundreds of people spaced out across the field, where they ate food from local vendor trucks, listened to live music and enjoyed time with their families as they waited for dusk to approach.

As the sun set over the hills across from the park on the northern side of Route 84, onlookers excitedly waited to the fireworks to begin. Around 9:35 p.m. the first fireworks lit up the sky and illuminating the crowd below.

Once the grand finale concluded the crowd engulfed in cheers before packing up and heading home. Freedom Fest was originally scheduled for July 17th, but was postponed due to rain. It was worth the wait.

- Sammie Finch