Lifelong Warwick resident releases $60,000 in Charitable Trust Account to local organizations

Warwick. Beneficiaries include Louise K. Gilbert's husband’s Warwick Fire Department Raymond Hose Company.

26 Nov 2019 | 12:06

Louise K. Gilbert, 93, was born on her family farm in Warwick on April 12, 1926.

However, a story she likes to tell is that her birth certificate reads April 16, because in those days it took her doctor four days to get the paperwork recorded.

In 1951, Gilbert married the love of her life, Calvin Gilbert.

She recalled that many local residents knew him as the always upbeat and friendly butcher in Grand Union as well as the chief of the Raymond Hose Fire Company.

Following his passing in 1995, Louise Gilbert stayed close to the fire department as well as the Warwick Ambulance Corps.

Years later she established a Charitable Trust Account naming several local organizations as beneficiaries, including Raymond Hose Fire Company, the Warwick Volunteer Ambulance Service and the United Methodist Church.

And recently, under the advice of her financial advisor Ken Ford of Warwick Valley Financials, Gilbert released funds from her Charitable Trust Account naming Raymond Hose as one of its beneficiaries.

Also close to her heart was the Warwick Ambulance Corps and the United Methodist Church where she, along with her parents, attended since her early youth.

During a brief ceremony to celebrate, what was termed a time of blessings and thankfulness, held on Wednesday, Nov. 20, in the office of Warwick Valley Financial Advisors, 28 Railroad Ave., Gilbert released $60,000 from her trust to those organizations.

“Louise is so happy to be able to give back to her community, one in which she has so many memories,” said her great niece Sharlene Miller-Pizza. “She is delighted that she is still here to watch how these organizations will be able to put it to use.”

- Roger Gavan