Friendly Visitor Program: Staying connected and healthy

Warwick. The next training session for new volunteers is Monday, Nov. 18 at the Albert Wisner Public Library.

15 Oct 2019 | 07:20

    On a regular basis, Dr. Anthony Martini sees the need for the services offered by The Town of Warwick's Friendly Visitor Program (FVP).

    In the course of his practice, it's clear that there are local residents that can benefit from assistance in getting to medical appointments and the grocery store.

    Martini is doing his part to raise awareness of the FVP so folks can have the opportunity to volunteer, and access services.

    "Efforts like the Friendly Visitor Program make Warwick a special type of community," the doctor said. "People helping people, volunteerism at its best."

    Martini sees the need for these vital services all the time in his practice. The cost of hiring someone to provide similar help is often out of reach, and certainly difficult to manage. Volunteering is associated with lots of positive benefits for the giver and the receiver. Volunteers are trained, go through a background check at no charge, and are insured while they volunteer.

    The gift of a lift is a simple gesture that can help so many individuals remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Independence gives a person dignity; all human beings deserve dignity.

    Warwick has 8,000 seniors among its population of 32,000. Volunteers make a difference by providing home visits, chatting on the phone, and help with clerical items in addition to transportation and grocery shopping. The Friendly Visitor Program is an excellent way for people to feel connected to their community.

    The Town of Warwick's FVP Volunteer services are coordinated by Jean Corbi Ciappa on a part-time basis. She works to make sure the volunteer experience is rewarding for the person volunteering. She matches the needs of the neighbor who requested the assistance with a volunteer, and looks for the match to be complementary. Jean will make a home visit to meet a neighbor before the start of any service.

    For more information regarding the program, call Town Hall at 986-1124 ext. 400 and leave your name and phone number, along with a message. You will get a call back within a day or two. If you would like more information about getting assistance through the FVP, call this same number.

    The next training session for new volunteers is Monday, Nov. 18, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 .m., at the Albert Wisner Public Library. Call 986-1124 ext. 400 to get information about registering for this next session.