Cruise vessel carrying Warwick group collides with U.S. destroyer

WARWICK. A minor accident occurred Sept. 10 involving cruise vessel the Dutch Apple II and the U.S.S. Slater, when the cruise vessel, which was carrying a senior group from Warwick, attempted to dock following an afternoon on the Hudson River and collided with the destroyer.

12 Sep 2019 | 12:00

Getting more than they chartered for on a recent afternoon cruise of the Hudson River, a group of senior citizens from Warwick can check one more thing off their bucket list: Ramming a United States destroyer.

According to Port of Albany CEO Richard Hendrick, a minor accident occurred Tuesday, Sept. 10 involving cruise vessel the Dutch Apple II and the U.S.S. Slater, when the Dutch Apple II attempted to dock following an afternoon cruise of the river.

“They had one line out to the person on the dock to bring the boat in, and at the same time it lost power,” Hendrick said. “A strong wind came up the river from the south and pushed the Dutch Apple into the stern of the U.S.S. Slater.”

Hendrick estimated the wind speed to be about 12-15 mph.

A post on Dutch Apple Cruises & Tours’ Facebook page said the Coast Guard determined there was an error using the transmission throttle, which caused the engine to come out of gear while trying to dock.

The Dutch Apple II is operated by Dutch Apple Cruises & Tours.

Petty Officer Cory Mendenhall, of the United States Coast Guard, said it was unclear at this time why the Dutch Apple II lost power and the investigation is ongoing.

Of the 60 people aboard, there were no injuries reported.

According to Hendrick, there was minimal damage to the U.S.S. Slater, and the Dutch Apple II sustained a broken door and cosmetic work on the outside.

Mendenhall said the U.S.S. Slater was not damaged in the incident.

The cruise vessel has since been given the okay to receive passengers, according to Mendenhall.

“The people on board gave a lot of credit to the young man on the dock who caught the first line to secure,” Hendrick said. “He said he did everything he possibly could to prevent the incident from happening, but when we get a south wind on the river it really plays havoc with any kind of craft.”

Hendrick said this is the first collision incident to occur in his 14-year tenure.