Business updates


25 Mar 2020 | 04:43

    Important number and links

    Orange County Health Line 800-832-1200

    Orange County Office for the Aging 845-615-3700

    Community Capital has opened an emergency loan source for small businesses.

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    Food & Drink

    Applewood Winery 845-988-9292 Limited hours for pick-up only thru April 15 Fri. - Sun. 11am - 5pm

    Audrey’s Surfside Grill Food Truck (GWL) 914-420-2628 Pick-Up & Curbside Delivery. Wed. - Sun. 7am - 7pm

    Blarney Station 845-986-1509 May open Sat. & Sun., 3pm - 8pm depending on changing circumstances.

    The Breezy 845-477-8100 Car-side pikup and at home delivery of our Breezy-zagna, Italian Roasted chicken, potatoes, jambalaya, and salad, enough to feed 4 Food & Drink Burger King 845-986-1726 Pick-up & Uber eats available. Daily 6am - 12am

    C & D's Old World Bagels 845-988-5046. Curbside pick-up

    Caffe a la Mode 845-986-1223 Pick-up available. Daily 6am - 7:30pm

    Candy Apple Shoppe 845-544-1844 Left message, waiting to call back.

    Carrero's Curbside Cafe Foodtruck 845-423-1651 Open daily, Mon-Fri for curbside pickup Mon - Fri 11am - 4pm

    Charlotte's Tea Room 845-988-9499. 348704950474/ Free delivery & pick-up available. Wed. - Sun. 11am - 4pm

    Clearview Vineyard 845-651-2838 Open for wine sales only Friday - Sunday Fri - Sun 12pm - 5pm

    Conscious Fork 845-986-9355 Free delivery & pick up available. Wed. - Mon. 10am - 6pm

    Copper Bottom 845-508-6563 same as Sugarloaf Taphouse. Alcohol to go available as well.

    Coquito 845-544-2790 Take-out/pick-up orders only. Tues - Sun 4pm - 8pm

    Country Dream Restaurant 845-986-6600 open for takeout

    Craft Beer Cellar 845-544-7688 Open for takeout and delivery Call for hours Food & Drink Crystal Inn 845-986-1726 Take-out only. Every Wednesday - Prime Rib while supplies last 5pm - 8pm

    Doc's Pizza & Steak 845-477-9455 Open for curbside pickup Call for hours

    Double S Smokehouse html Pick-up, curbside pick-up and delivery. Offering discounts. Daily 11am - 7pm

    Eddie's Roadhouse 845-986-7623 Closed temporarily.

    Food & Drink Edenville General Store 845-988-2255. Delivery, pick-up and curbside pickup available. Some grocery items available as well Mon - Sun 6am - 6pm

    El Azteca 845-651-4321 Available for pickup and delivery, please call ahead Call for hours

    Emerald Point 845-477-2275 Curbside food & drinks. Daily 12pm - 8pm

    Empanada Master 845-682-0002 Available for pickup or delivery through Grubhub Wed - Fri 11am - 6pm

    Fannie's 845-986-3447 Delivery charge $10.00 (free for orders over $100) & pick-up available. Tues.- Sun. 8am - 3:30pm

    Fetch 845-987-8200 Pick-up and curbside pick-up available. Daily 12pm - 8pm

    Florida Food Bank 845-651-4117 Open for business - All other foodbanks in the area are closed and have consolidated to Florida. Call for hours

    Four Brother's Pizzeria & Deli 845-595-1966 Open daily for takeout and delivery Mon - Sun 11am - 10pm

    Franico's 845-986-8000 Free delivery and pick-up available. Daily 11am - 8pm

    Frank's Pizzeria 845-986-1065 Free delivery & pick-up available. Tues. - Sat. | Sun. & Mon. 11am - 8pm | 12pm - 8pm

    Fratello 845-986-7898 Delivery & pick-up available. Daily 11:30am - 8pm

    G's Restaurant 845-986-3354 Pick-up available. Daily 9am - 8pm

    Food & Drink Galloway Grill 845-324-8900 Delivery & pick-up available. Daily 9am - 8pm

    Grappa Ristorante 845-987-7373 Delivery & pick-up available. Tues. - Sun. 12pm - 8pm

    Greenwood Lake Bagels & Bakery 845-595-1688 Take-out, curbside pick-up & local delivery Daily 6am - 3pm

    GWL Roasters 845-293-0530 Offering curbside for drinks & bags. Gift cards can also be ordered online.

    Halligan's Public House 845-986-2914 Delivery and pick up available for food & beverages. Daily 11:30am - 8pm

    Harvest Luncheonette (PI) 845-258-3060 available Daily 12pm - 7pm

    Hunan Garden 845-988-1500 Take out available. Daily 11am - 9:30pm

    Iron Forge Inn 845-986-3411 They are offering Local Delivery Service and Curbside Pick-Up. With schools closing, if you rely on school cafeteria food to assist in feeding your family, please contact them! They want to help provide pack lunches for you

    Jolly Onion 845-981-7272 Offering delivery, pick-up and curbside pick-up. Wed - Sun 12pm - 7pm

    Karen's Cafe 845-595-1895 Open for takeout, curbside pickup and delivery, closed Wednesdays M,T,Th,F,S & S Call

    Kozy Kitchen (GWL) 845-595-1114. Drive thru


    Lai Shun Restaurant 845-987-2188 Take-out & free delivery 11am - 9:30pm

    Landmark Inn 845-986-5444 Delivery & pick-up available. Tues. - Sun. 4pm - 8pm

    Larry's Deli 845-986-4317. Pick-up available & delivery available between 4pm - 7pm with a $20.00 minimum purchase. Daily 5am - 9pm

    Luca's Food & Drink Mattingly's Tavern 845-508-6675 Carry-out &delivery Daily 11am - 8pm

    Mom's Homestyle Deli 845-988-9089 Open Mon-Sat for take-out, curbside pickup and limited delivery available. Call in orders highly recommended Mon - Sat 7am - 4pm

    Murphy's 845-477-8519 Full menu available for curbside pick-up

    Noble Pies 845-986-7436 Offering curbside pick-up

    Opa Greek Grill 845-986-8808 Pick-up available. Tues. - Sun. 11am - 8pm

    Food & Drink Pennings Cidery 845-987-9922 Farm-to-front door, cider & beer delivery 2pm - 6pm

    Food & Drink Pennings Farm Market 845-986-1059 Take-out, beverages, groceries & curbside available. Daily 11am - 7pm

    Food & Drink Quaker Creek Store 845-258-4570 Curbside pick-up available for pre-orders Food & Drink Rookies Restaurant & Pizza 845-651-4844 Open for curbside pickup and delivery Call for hours

    Food & Drink Silvio's Villa 845-987-1500 Pick-up, curbside pick-up or Doordash available. Please try to park 2 spaces apart Tues. - Sun. 2pm - 8pm

    Sing Loong Kitchen (GWL) 845-477-2542 Closed

    Smokey's 973-764-2600 Offering take-out/pick-up. Limited delivery.

    Stagecoach Inn 845-294-5526 Restaurant is closed. Accepting inn reservations

    South Shore Burger & Grill 973-506-6640 Open for takeout and delivery Wed - Fri / Sat & Sun. 3pm - 8pm 9am - 5pm

    Sugarloaf Taphouse 845-610-5858 Take-out available for food & beverages. Daily 11:30am - 9pm

    Sue's House of Fudge 973-903-1389 Available for curbside pickup and delivery Mon, Wed, Fri 3:30pm - 6pm

    Taco Hombre 845-987-8226 Take-out and delivery available Daily 11am - 8pm

    The Grange 845-986-1170 Open for Pickup and curbside delivery. Please call for available hours

    The Helm 845-477-3073 Available for takeout, curbside pickup and delivery Wed - Sun 12pm - 10pm

    Warwick Inn 845-986-3666 Pick-up/delivery available

    Tin Lune 845-651-3331 Open for pickup and delivery Call for hours

    Tokyo Plum House 845-986-7787 Door dash & pick-up available. Tues. - Sun. 11:30am - 8pm

    Food & Drink Trattoria Viviano 845-986-9611 Take-out/pick-up, curbside pickup, local delivery. Mon. - Sat. 4pm - 9pm

    Tuscan Café 845-987-2050 Take-out available for food & toilet paper products. Delivery available for businesses on Main Street. Daily 8:30am - 4pm

    Vanessa's Cake Designs 201-749-3617 Small cakes and cookies available for pickup and

    Village Buzz Cafe 845-477-2145 Available for takeout, curbside pickup and delivery Thurs - Fri / Sat – Sun. 9am - 2pm 8am - 2pm

    Warwick Thai 845-544-7880 Delivery available thru doordash. Pick-up/curbside

    Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery 845-258-4858; Open for bottle & growler (sangria & cider) sales-to-go. Curbside delivery