Local businesses and members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce cope with coronavirus epidemic

Warwick. Innovation helps protect employees and support customers

18 Mar 2020 | 12:06

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued recommendations that that small business owners can take to mitigate risk, protect employees and support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. And although China and other economies are already starting to recover, the CDC believes the epidemic will impact us for some time.

With or without reading these tips, local shops and restaurants are already implementing innovative methods.

Peck’s Wines and Spirits, for example, roped off its entrance but still serves customers through a sidewalk facing window.

Country Willow Veterinary Hospital on Kings Highway is offering outdoor animal care.

Leo Kaytes Ford provides delivery and pickup for auto servicing and offers home showings for car shoppers.

Other businesses are offering their employees flexibility, especially for those who have children home because of school or day care closings. And most restaurants are offering take-out service and even home delivery.

And, of course, the Burger King drive up in the Village of Warwick and similar drive-in restaurants have longer lines.

Local resident John Barnett, founder of “The Real Warwick, NY, ” and professional marketing operations manager Matt Lockwood, have posted a list on the organization’s Facebook page of businesses that are modifying their business operations in response to COVID-19 rules along with mandates that are coming in.

Viewers are asked to comment on the post with any updates they have regarding local businesses such as delivery services, curb-side pickup/takeout and modified hours. And volunteers have also posted offers to take on shopping chores for those who are home bound.

The Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce South Street “Caboose” is closed to the public and staffed by only one person at a time. The Chamber can be reached at 845-986-2720, or contacted by email at: info@warwickcc.org.

“We have a meeting planned with Supervisor Sweeton and Mayor Newhard,” said Chamber Executive Director Michael Johndrow, who was working from home. ”We’ll have a round table discussion and our Board of Directors will discuss more about plans for local businesses going forward at that time.”

All future meetings of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, however, will be conducted by conference call.

Johndrow also reported that major events sponsored by the Chamber, like the popular Community Showcase and Clean Sweep have already been postponed.

For additional information visit the Chamber’s Website at: http://www.warwickcc.org/

- Roger Gavan

A list of businesses and how they have altered operations appears on page 20.