Miriam Piranio celebrates 90th birthday at the Village of Florida Seniors Club

21 Feb 2019 | 07:16

    — On Friday, Feb. 15, Miriam Piranio, an active member of the Village of Florida Seniors Club celebrated her 90th birthday.
    Piranio, who was born in Goshen on Feb. 19, 1929 and raised in Chester, lives in the Village of Warwick with her daughter Rose Matthews, who also happens to be the president of the Village of Florida Seniors Club.
    In the year Piranio was born the president of the United States was Herbert Hoover who replaced Calvin Coolidge on March 4, the inauguration date at that time.
    Nineteen years later, Piranio married her husband, Frank, who passed away five years ago.
    He was a World War II veteran who later worked at the Warwick State Training School for Boys and then stayed on as a supervisor when it became the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility.
    Miriam Piranio was employed for more than 30 years for several local area banks before retiring from the Florida National Bank, where she had served for eight years as an administrative assistant.
    One of her favorite activities is playing pinochle each week with a group that, thanks to her banking experience, assigned her the task of keeping score.
    Today Piranio can boast about her two daughters, two granddaughters and two great granddaughters.
    When asked about her longevity she explained that she gave up smoking more than 50 years ago and doesn't drink.
    But she admits she's not perfect.
    "I swear a little," she said.
    The celebration, serving cakes and refreshments, took place at the Florida Senior Center, adjacent to the Village Library just off Route 94.
    The only requirement for membership in the club, which was established in 1986, is that you must be age 55 or over and a resident of the Town of Warwick.
    Today there are 100 members and the advantage of membership includes taking trips together and enjoying many interesting activities.
    Anyone interested in joining or wanting additional information should call Rose Matthews at 986-5589.
    - Roger Gavan