Joan Nagrod celebrates 90th birthday at The Warwick Valley Seniors Club WARWICK. Raised on a small farm in the borough of Queens, she now boasts of her eight grandchildren.

27 Jun 2019 | 08:35

Another active member of the The Warwick Valley Seniors Club just joined a rapidly growing exclusive group of people in that organization.
On Wednesday, June 19, the club members held a 90th birthday celebration for Joan Nagrod who was born in Woodside, Queens, on June 17, 1929.
It's hard to imagine today, but Nagrod was raised in the borough of Queens on a small farm.
"It was only about an acre," she said, "but we had chickens and so forth."
Nagrod met her future husband, the late Stanley Nagrod, a photographer for the Long Island Press, while vacationing at Late George. And they were soon married in St. Francis Xavier Church in Queens Village.
In later years she also had a long career as a property manager.
Nagrod moved to Warwick in 2000 and she now attends mass at the Church of St. Stephen, the First Martyr.
She and her husband raised four children and today Nagrod can boast of her eight grandchildren.
As to her longevity, she was never a smoker but does enjoy an occasional beer.
"After all," she said, "I am German."
Nagrod also keeps active, practices some Tai Chi and besides the Senior Club, is a member of a book club and the Warwick Valley Gardeners.
The celebration, serving cakes and refreshments and everyone singing, "Happy Birthday," took place at the spacious and modern facility that is the Warwick Senior Center, adjacent to the Town Hall on Kings Highway, which first opened in June 2005.
The only requirement for membership in The Warwick Valley Seniors Club is that you must be age 60 or over.
The advantage of membership includes taking trips together and enjoying entertainment and informative guest speakers.
Anyone interested in joining or wanting additional information should call Marie Sisti at 988-0793.
- Roger Gavan