'Three days of peace, love and memories'

Warwick. Warwick Valley High School Class of 1969 celebrates 50th reunion.

15 Oct 2019 | 03:48

It was an all weekend event and members of the Warwick Valley High School Class of 1969 arrived from both nearby and as far as Washington state, Arizona, Florida and New England.

There were three different events that weekend beginning with an icebreaker cocktail party on Friday evening, Oct. 11, at Silvio‘s Italian Villa.

The following day classmates gathered for dinner and music at the Warwick Valley Country Club and on Sunday, Oct. 13, they bid farewell following a brunch at the Breezy restaurant in Greenwood Lake.

“The weather cooperated beautifully,” said planning committee member and Village of Florida resident Pip Klein. “We were happy that so many of our dear classmates and friends were able to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime landmark event.”

Special guests at the icebreaker cocktail party also included Tom and Patricia Lorgan, who had been teachers when the members of the Class of 1969 were students.

“Warwick in the nineteen sixties was a wonderful time to be in high school and in Warwick,” added Klein. “And a lot changed the very next year when the sixties were officially over and girls were allowed to wear pants to class. Our class was the last to have to wear skirts or dresses. We were still kind of stuck in the sixties even though right after we graduated many of us went to Woodstock before we went to college or wherever life was taking us. And even for those who didn’t go to that generation-defining event, we felt we had a good theme for our reunion: ‘three days of peace, love and memories,’ because that’s how we feel about that special time in our lives."

- Roger Gavan