Warwick. Former Warwick resident, entertainer and broadcaster Carl Corcoran introduces latest song on WTBQ/WGHT

02 Jun 2020 | 03:14

Former Warwick resident Carl Corcoran recently aired his latest song, “To Feel the Power of Love,” for the first time in America on WTBQ (AM 1100/FM 93.5) and its sister station in New Jersey, WGHT (AM 1500/FM 98.3).

Now living in his native Dublin, Corcoran was a Warwick resident for many years during which time he hosted a Saturday show on WTBQ titled, “A Drop of the Irish,” along with a daily music program.

After retiring from broadcasting in Ireland, Corcoran is now Course Director of a Masters Degree in Songwriting at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in the University of Limerick. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Irish Music Network.

While living in Warwick he produced an award-winning CD, “Dancing the Dublin Reel.”

Corcoran also co-authored two songs for the 10th anniversary of September 11 ceremonies held in New York and a recent release, “Atlantic Sky,” a song that pays tribute to all those who crossed the Atlantic to contribute to a great America.

“We were in touch with Carl and when he decided to debut his newest song, ‘To Feel The Power of Love,’ an homage to all people who are struggling in these unprosecuted times,” said Station Manager Sterling Sterling. “We were honored to air it first for its North American debut on both our stations. It is one of the most positive and uplifting songs and perfect for the world to be singing as it’s filled with hope.”

During a call in from Ireland to WTBQ, Corcoran was asked how he was able to reach so deep to translate the pandemic into a song filled with love and hope.

He shared that he and his son collaborated on the song and said, “We need more words about feeling the power of love.”

- Roger Gavan

To Feel the Power of Love
By Carl Corcoran
Morning light streams softly through my window
Through the night I’ve prayed for peace within
Hear the planet cry – it’s gentle heart still beating
Holding tight to feel the Power of Love
From deep within I feel my spirit stronger
Unknown until it’s our only choice
No greater power for change than knowing what we care for
We begin to feel the Power of Love
We band together with common purpose
Bring healing to a wounded world
With you beside me you can guide me
Rising from the ashes of who we used to be
To feel the power of love
Through my day I treasure sights of wonder
Each one displays compassion to the fore
No single kindly act however small is wasted
And so we pray to feel the Power of Love
Repeat Chorus
(c) Corcoran 2020