Warwick. Family Central seeking support for newborns

12 Feb 2020 | 11:49

Since 2016, the Warwick community has contributed time, money and knitting talent to help Family Central, a volunteer parenting support network. As a result of that support, the group has been able to extend a loving welcome to nearly 400 babies born each year at St. Anthony Community Hospital’s Kennedy Birthing Center nearly 1,000 babies in all.

The Newborn Welcome Bags, which are the brainchild of Family Central advisory member Amy Sibilla, contain a baby’s first book to promote early literacy; a resource packet on how to support a child’s social, emotional and physical health right from the start; and a hand-knit/crocheted blanket or hat made by volunteers.

The idea of contributing a handmade item to the welcome bags has inspired several residents and groups. Orla Bronson, while a student at S.S. Seward High School, got her Girl Scout group learning to knit and contributing blankets. For the past two years, Dawn Mazur, a prolific crochet artist in Greenwood Lake, has created more than 50 blankets. And a group of seniors also contribute blankets.

To learn more about Family Central and how you might support the Newborn Welcome Bags,visit go to familycentralny.com or email familycentralny@gmail.com.