A look at a century of African-American experiences

08 Jan 2020 | 03:33

In honor of Black History Month, come to the Warwick Historical Society's headquarters, A.W. Buckbee Center, 2 Colonial Ave., Warwick, on Saturday, Feb. 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. for a look at early African-American experiences from 1790-1890.

The program will be presented by the Town of Warwick Historian Dr. Richard Hull and Village of Warwick Historian Ivy Tulin.

Hull and Tulin will discuss the emersion of slavery in the region, slavery treatment, laws about manumission and fugitive slave laws, freed men and abolition.

This program is free for Warwick Historical Society members. Non-members are $10 per person, $15 for two people, and students are free.

Space is limited and reservations are required by calling 845-986-3236.