Lemanski letter rebuttal: Capitalism has its own faults

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Much as we can all agree Maduro's Venezuela has taken socialism way too far as part of a broad package of other abuses, even an ardent capitalist like Mr. Lemanski has to question what value for-profit insurance contributes to the life-or-death issue of health care.

While my own private health insurer offers generally good service, it comes at a cost that breaks anyone ineligible for subsidies such as myself and even then I'm still supposedly not shelling out enough.

Last year they had the gall to seek a 45 percent boost in my 2019 monthly premium from the NYS Department of Financial Services, which thankfully got The Powers to settle for a 20 percent increase that nonetheless leaves this self-employed freelancer paying four times as much for health coverage as he does for auto, homeowners, flood and liability insurance combined!

If the U.S. had a single-payer health insurance system paid for through my taxes, I at least get the sense my premiums would be much lower as they wouldn't have to cover the cost of multi-million dollar CEO salaries or TV ad campaigns that no doubt inflate the cost of drugs as well.

I would also wager this approach would consign today's in-network, out-of-network garbage and the "bills from the future" they generate to the Dustbin of History, while our doctors and their overworked office staffers would only have to contend with one set of forms versus one for each insurer they accept.

Everyone reading must now ask themselves if they'd still prefer a health care system that prioritizes profits over patients when they get in a bad accident or their child gets cancer.

As for Mr. Lemanski's proclamations that "Denmark did not place a man on the moon" and "Finland was not the first country to split the atom," I'm compelled to point out in closing there was no private incentive to do either even when it they were urgent national priorities.

NASA and The Manhattan Project were government initiatives sparked by two Presidents with a lot more vision than the White House's current wall-builder.

Gregg Merksamer


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