Governor Cuomo’s Reproductive Healthcare Act

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What a dark day for New York. Governor Cuomo and his cronies in Albany passed his “Reproductive Healthcare Act.”

I received an email from him as many of you probably did, exuberantly proclaiming “we did it!” as he extended his gratitude to the fierce advocates who fought alongside them.

I guess for them it’s a celebration but for women and babies, it’s more pain and death heaped on top of an already overabundance of abortions in New York.

I read, according to New York Right to Life, “the bill seems to put restrictions on late-term abortions but it adds a broad “health exception” after 24 weeks. The exception would allow women to abort unborn babies up until nine months of pregnancy for “age, economic, social and emotional factors” rather than the biological definition of health that normally comes to mind.”

That means that abortions right up until the moment of birth are possible. Unbelievable.

His Reproductive Healthcare Act will allow for babies born alive after a botched abortion to not receive medical attention.

His bill establishes abortion as a fundamental right in New York. The list of horrors for Albany to celebrate go on.

I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around this. I do not understand how Governor Cuomo, I shudder to call him governor, his buddies and the pro-choice advocates can be happy about the violent killing of babies.

He says it’s un-American to rip children out of the arms of mothers at the border but believes it’s a fundamental right to literally rip babies out of their mother’s wombs.

Can anyone spell hypocrisy?

I am so repulsed by this governor and our law makers in Albany who sided with him on this bill. I don’t know how any of them sleep at night. This is a nightmare that we are never going to wake up from because his next plan is “to amend the New York State Constitution to enshrine Roe v. Wade into law for all future generations and settle this issue once and for all.”

God help us!

Donna Washio


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