New community program debuts: Warwick Angel Bakers

Photo illustrationTo learn more about "Warwick Angel Bakers," contact

WARWICK — The PIE/MAC Program in the Warwick Valley School District is spearheading a community service project with Soldiers’ Angels, a non-profit organization that supports deployed American Soldiers.
“Warwick Angel Bakers” will send service members monthly care packages of baked goods such as cookies, cakes and other treats.
Anyone in the community, of all ages, can participate in baking for a greater cause.
Families, local businesses and organizations can help by donating:
Kitchen space for a communal baking;
Ingredients (a bag of flour, sugar, for example);
Packing and shipping materials;
Their baking expertise; or
Just a desire to come together to bake for a cause.
To learn more about "Warwick Angel Bakers," contact There will be different baking locations throughout the community in coming months.