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  • Nick Clark

Steve C asks “ How do I relieve my lower back pain when sleeping on my stomach?”

Hey Steve,
Lower back pain can ruin a good night's sleep leading to fatigue, concentration issues, and irritability. Often times patients will turn to sleep aids like NyQuil or Advil PM. These remedies should not be used as a long-term solution as they will have a negative impact on other parts of your health. Moreover, these aids will help you fall asleep faster but will decrease your quality of sleep leading to the same consequences as listed above.
To naturally control your lower back pain when you sleep you can try two strategies. One, keep a pillow underneath your stomach, between the belly button and the waistline. This will assist in keeping the lower "neutral". A neutral spine is a spine that is not too bent forward (flexed) but also not too arched backward (extended).
Secondly, you can put a body pillow or bolster underneath the ankles. Having the ankles elevated a few inches off of the bed will also minimize the arch in the lumbar spine decreasing stress and pain of the lower back.

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