We’ve lived in the same house in the village of Warwick for the past 38 years.

If you’re reading this you probably know what a special place it is.

You know that village and town leaders have always kept the best interest of Warwick’s residents first and foremost in their minds.

And it shows.

Land preservation, parks, environment, respect for diversity, a strong sense of community and perhaps, most importantly, an even stronger respect for law enforcement are the tenets which are evident throughout the Village and Town.

For the last eight years as village justice our daughter, Jeanine Garritano Wadeson, has played a significant role in carrying out those elements.

She has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to provide a consistent application of the law to all those who are brought before her.

Fair and just treatment, guided by a full understanding of the law, are the elements of her decisions.

As a member of one of the most respected law firms in the state, Blustein, Shapiro, Rich and Barone, LLP, she has provided assistance to countless clients over her 22 years of practicing law.

Promoting and maintaining the vital aspects of a thriving village is a challenge of the highest order. And providing the intelligence, wisdom and foresight to ensure that our village continues to grow is paramount to its success.

To that end our village and town leaders need our support more than ever.

As the proud father of Jeanine Garritano Wadeson I urge village residents to vote for her re-election on March 21.

Our village justice should continue to be an expert in the application of the law. May our village continue to be one that is most respected in seeking fairness and justice in our court.

Carmine Garritano