I recommend voting for Judge Jeanine Wadeson in the village election on March 21.

I've known Judge Wadeson for the past 12 years. My children and her children attended Park Avenue Elementary school together.

My wife and I continue to see her and her husband at middle school and high school events.

She is an outstanding resident of our village. I've traveled to all fifty states and lived in five states. I consider Warwick, New York, to be the best place to live in America.

My family and I settled here in 2004 for a good reason. We know that Warwick is a very comfortable and safe community and I want my children to have a strong community foundation.

It's a tribute to Judge Wadeson that she grew up here in Warwick and continues to live and work here.

That kind of stability and dedication to this community is honorable.

Her legal experience and judicial acumen are what we need to maintain our local civic order.

Ms. Jeanine Wadeson has served this community well as the local justice over these past eight years.

She should be re-elected on Tuesday, March 21, to continue her excellent work.

Thank you.

Michael Chermak, MS, CIH, LEED AP