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Sustainable Warwick circulates petition to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bags

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  • Photo Illustation Sustainable Warwick is now circulating a petition to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bags throughout the town.

— Sustainable Warwick, a non-profit organization focused on both the environment and quality of life in Warwick, has launched a new campaign to address the use of single-use plastic shopping bags in both the town and village.

"Single-use plastic bags are one of the major environmental threats world-wide," said Julia Calderon, a spokeswoman for the group.

She continued:
"They are accumulating in our landfills and being dumped into our oceans at alarming rates.

"Animals, including livestock, eat them and die painful deaths.

"They do not biodegrade, but rather break down into tiny toxic particles that get into our food chain, and into us.

"It is known that these particles cause an increased risk of cancer, birth defects, hormonal disorders and infertility.

Support from local businesses

Sustainable Warwick is circulating a petition to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bags throughout the town in order to compel a discussion among residents, merchants and town and village officials on how to address this critical issue.

In the group's press release, Calderon also noted that a good number of merchants had agreed to make the petition avalailble in their establisments.

Among them are:

The Grange Restaurant

The Tuscan Café

The Conscious Fork

The Warwick Cobbler

Quaker Creek Store

Scheuermann Farms

Amity Thrift Store

Eat Sweet

Albert Wisner Library

Sustainable Warwick is looking to add additional shops and organizations to the list of those supporting the effort.

The group described the effort as one way "independent consumers can take control over" this type of pollution.

"The only way to stop this danger is to stop using them," Calderon.

Previous, Sustainable Warwick led a campaign to ban hydraulic fracturing, resulting in a resolution passed by the Town Board in February 2013.


In the United States, only cities and counties have outlawed the use of single-use plastic bags.

However, in February Hawaii became the first state to ban plastic bags.

Then last month, California became imposed a ban that will go into effect in July 2015 for large grocery stores.

Liquor and convenience stores and other smaller business face compliance the following year.

Meanwhile, the New York City Council is considering a proposal, introduced in September, that would place a 10-cent fee on disposable plastic and paper bags from grocery stores and restaurants.

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